In the heart of chaos

Augustinas Valunta

I am

a multimedia enthusiast, just finished my studies at Vilnius Tech university, specializing in Multimedia and Computer Design. As a multimedia and computer design specialist I bring a distinctive skill set in 3D/2D design. My academic journey has provided a solid foundation of all types of media creation, complemented by valuable internships that enhanced my creativity, critical thinking, attention to detail and team work.

3D Design

Modeling, Sculpting, Animation using Blender

Graphic Design

Illustrations, Posters, Visual Identity and etc. using Adobe Creative

Video Editing

Any video format using Adobe Premiere


Graphic Design Intern at "VŠĮ Skirtingos Spalvos" 3 months
Marketing Design Intern
at "UAB Lidl Lietuva" 6 months


Formless or void state preceding the creation of the universe. The same state that any creative idea starts with and becomes art.